Meet Michaela!

Michaela is from Walla Walla, Washington and is the older sister of two younger brothers. Her whole life she has aspired to use health care as a means to build relationships with people, and she hopes to use this SPRINT trip to further her understanding of health care in an international setting. Her team is already very fond of the way that Michaela always cries when she laughs. Fun fact: Michaela loves breakfast food, especially pancakes (or waffles or french toast).



Meet Karley!


Karley is from Ocala, Florida, but lived in Boise, Idaho from junior high until moving to Seattle for college this last fall. She is a talented singer and piano player, and is majoring in Music Therapy here at SPU. She decided to do a SPRINT trip this summer because she is passionate about exploring other cultures and ways of life, and is looking forward to building relationships with locals in Indonesia. When Karley was only 17 years old she went by herself to Peru, where she worked in the orphanage Luz de Esperanza... Her teammates think she’s pretty much the coolest. Fun Fact: Karley’s favorite toothpaste is the orange aquafresh kind.

Meet Daniel!


You can call him “Tall Daniel”, because at 6 feet and 3 inches tall, he’s pretty hard to miss. Daniel is a sophomore at SPU studying Global Development, but before coming to Seattle, he grew up in San Clemente, California with his two siblings. He enjoys being outside playing soccer and basketball, rock climbing, and running, and he’s hoping to spend his life traveling around the world. He is excited to spend this summer experiencing a new culture and seeing how God chooses to work through our team. Fun Fact: Daniel is pretty good at hacky sack.

Meet Danny!

10329313_10152197494224472_585824417448589060_nDanny grew up in San Diego, California as the youngest of six children, and is currently studying theology as a sophomore here at SPU.  He’s looking forward to the opportunity to grow in his faith by living outside of his comfort zone by serving in Indonesia. Danny loves reading, conversing, and learning as much as he can, and behind his intimidating ponytail is a big softy who deeply cares about people. Fun fact: His spirit animal, as decided by his team members, is a dolphin; he is tough, community-oriented, and adventurous.