Update from basecamp

Hello from Team Indo! We’re over a week in! After arriving on the 20th, we spent 3 nights at base camp where we joined the four other students that we’ll be with for the trip, and then came to our base camp on Wednesday. It’s been an awesome opportunity so far to talk to the locals and practice language (kami sedung belejar bahasa Indonesia) as well as to just pray, journal, and spend time in the word. On Thursday we visited our first village where we started a work project of adding a bathroom onto a house and building a septic tank. Unfortunately, I (Michaela) wasn’t able to work due to illness, but trust me when I say that Karley, Daniel and Danny worked like champs! After (frustratedly) praying for a way that I could serve, God answered me in the form of 16-20 young children who were eager to teach me games and help my language skills on the porch. So humbling. On Friday we returned and were all able to finish the project, thanks to the leadership of some wonderful locals and the medicinal power of prayer. Danny actually came up with an awesome septic tank analogy about life, but I’ll come back to that in a minute.

Praises: God is awesome. Seriously. We’ve all just been in awe of how big He is and how He’s already been working here. It’s also super encouraging to see Him work and teach through one another, our new friends that have joined us, and the other believers here.

​ *Side note mini-praise: Adapting to a new culture is always an adventure, and sometimes the adventure has fun surprises like squatty potties and no toilet paper. That’s right. So Daniel and I are officially a part of the “left hand club”… I trust you can figure out what that means.

Prayer Requests: Firstly, for health. It’s hard to be fully present when your body isn’t at 100%. As of now we’re all feeling pretty good (and are very thankful for it) but we’re having to be very intentional about hydration, food consumption, and trusting God with our physical well being. We also request prayer for:

​Patience as we enter very new situations,

Unity between the 8 of us here,

That God would open our hearts to the awesome mysterious ways that He works and speaks,

That He would give us hearts for His people, and

That he would make Himself known to all the beautiful people here who don’t yet know of the AMAZING grace and love that’s already been given to them.

Now for the septic tank analogy! When we dug the hole for the tank, a lot of nasty sulfur-y water came up as we got deeper. In the same way, we’re finding that the deeper we go in our relationship with Christ and our quest to know and serve Him, the more nasty stuff comes up – our pride, insecurities and hesitancy to trust Him are made visible. And just as we had to clean out the mud and replace it with bricks and concrete, we have to clean our our nastiness, and can only keep it out by replacing it with Christ. And you can’t do it alone! So while they may be a little bit cheesy, it’s true, right??

Anyway, we’ll be heading out for our first overnight island stay in a couple days, and we’re super excited. We love the food here (in fact, most of the fruits look like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book!), and we LOVE the people. Thank you so much for praying for us and supporting us – it really does mean a lot. We are so thankful for our awesome God and the people He’s blessed us with, and we’re so excited for the weeks to come. Sampai jumpa!


2 thoughts on “Update from basecamp

  1. Hello team Indo, from rainy southeast Alaska! This is Michaela’s grandma Carolyn writing! 🙂 Thank you for the update Michaela…….it was sooo ‘you’ and such a blessing to hear how God is working in and through you all……….and around you to the people there. We are sad that you were not feeling well, but we know that God is able to use EVERY circumstance to bring about His purposes, and it is apparent by this letter that He did just that!! Praise God! We love you so much and are praying everyday and sometimes several times a day for each of the team members and for God’s work to be accomplished there. Sending big hugs to all the team. Yes, we are not there physically but we are with you in every other way…..every day…….and in every circumstance!! Phil. 1:3-6

  2. We are excited to hear how God is working in your lives! We are praying daily that:
    1) You will encourage one another and push each another on to love and good deeds.
    2) God will use you in the lives of those, you meet to be an extension of His love and an example of His amazing grace!

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