Homeward Bound

Hello from Karley, Daniel, Danny and Michaela! We hope this blog post finds all of you well – our feelings are pretty bittersweet over here in Indonesia. Tomorrow we leave our base camp to spend the night in Singapore, and on the 17th we’ll be coming back to the US. We are excited to see our wonderful friends and family again, but let us tell you what. When you fall in love with a country and all of the precious people inside of it, leaving is not an easy task. This morning we returned from our final island stay, which was filled with good conversations, beautiful sunrises, awesome food and lots of laughter. Though we don’t have the time to put many details on here tonight, be assured that God is AWESOME and is working in this island in mighty ways. Please pray that the men and women we talked with will see the love and grace that God has for them through Jesus. Please also pray that our travels over the next couple days will be safe, and that God will give us peace to make the transition smooth.

I know we’ve said this every time, but again, thank you so much for your prayer and support. We really mean it – you all have been a huge part of this trip. You rock. God rocks. Indonesia rocks. What the heck, we’re just really blessed by a lot of things that rock.

Team Indo


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